They won!

I cannot believe that The Interview will not be released in theaters on Christmas Day! Now I am not saying that I was planning on running out and seeing it. I will just wait for DVD, but still. Remember when 9/11 happened and there were all those campaigns saying that if you didn’t do something “the terrorists win”? Well isn’t that what is happening here? The US gets hit by cyberterrorism and we let them win. Sony literally let the terrorists win. It is a sad, sad day.

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The Heirs are coming!!

Are we in for a treat or what? And I do mean treat!! We are about to go fan girl crazy, with all the “Wahhhh”, “Ahhhh” and “Omo” we can scream!! Coming soon from SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) in October 2013 is 왕관을 쓰려는 자, 그 무게를 견뎌라 – 상속자들 (Wang-gwan-eul Sseu-ryeo-neun Ja, Geu Moo-gae-reul Gyun-dyeo-ra – Sangsokjadeu)…Literal translation: “He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight – The Heirs”. The Heirs is a new fall drama starring Lee Min Ho in the leading male role of Kim Tan and Park Shi Hye as the leading female, Cha Eun-sang. Based on what I have read on the internet, Lee will be playing the familiar role of the arrogant rich boy (a role he can play very well as we saw in “Boys Over Flowers”) to Park’s humble housekeeper’s daughter. The Heirs has been described as a “Gossip Girl” style high school setting drama about privileged, upperclass students.

What kdrama would be complete without a love triangle between two haughtly popular rich boys and the underprivileged sweet girl? Well this drama has it. The triangle revolves around Park’s Eun-sang, Lee’s Tan and Kim Woo-bin’s Choi Young-doo. Personally, I hope she ends up with Min Ho because he is just scrumptious.

There is one thing that concerns me. In many kdramas when the characters do end up kissing each other the actresses never kiss back. I understand that it is an image thing but still, you are not kissing them for real, it is called acting for a reason. Recently, some actresses have begun to take their acting more seriously when it comes to the kiss scenes (I will site Miss A’s Suzy in “Gu Family Book” in which she had a kissing scene with the god Lee Seung Gi. I actually felt the passion and love these two characters had for each other when they kissed.) Most of the time when the lovers finally get together it is hard to believe that the girl really likes the guy because there is never any passion in the kiss. Maybe it is because I am American and most Americans have become sexually desensitized but still, it is just a kiss. Make it a little more believeable. So I do hope that if (and when…we can hope) Shin Hye and Min Ho kiss, she will actually kiss him back.

There is a ton of other eye candy in this drama also, so if Lee Min Ho or Kim Woo-bin are not your cup of tea you will have plenty more to choose from, like CNBlue drummer Kang Min-Hyuk or the sexy Choi Jin-hyuk.

I am supremely excited for this drama to begin and am so thankful to who will be English subbing this drama for those of us who have really poor Korean abilities.

See you at school with these lovely people in October!!

Here is the wikipedia link (where I got my info) if you would like to read more about the drama

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B.A.P tops Billboard’s World Albums chart with ‘BADMAN’ |

Love these “badmen”.  I hope they continue to blow up the charts. Support B.A.P because they are so worth it!

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A Ladys Ramblings Ep 1 – YouTube – Brave Review

A Ladys Ramblings Ep 1 – YouTube.


Here is my first youtube video made directly for the youtube audience.  Instead of typing a review I recorded one.  Let me know what you think!!!

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Super Junior leader Leeteuk enlists for military | oK Pop – Yahoo! OMG! Philippines

As soon as I find Kpop groups that I like they go on hiatus due to mandatory military service in South Korea.  I am happy they are serving their country but I just wish I had better luck in discovering these groups.  First, Rain, then Kim Kyu Jong of SS501, then Heechul and now Leeteuk of Super Junior.  I hope they all return home safely.

Super Junior leader Leeteuk enlists for military | oK Pop – Yahoo! OMG! Philippines.

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James Marsters @ Philly Comic Con 2012 Part 1 – YouTube

James Marsters @ Philly Comic Con 2012 Part 1 – YouTube.

Check out a little bit of James Marsters at Philly Comic Con 2012.  More videos are to come!

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Watch “The Hobbit production diary #1 – Start of production (HD)” on YouTube

Check out Peter Jackson’s vlog for the start of filming for The Hobbit

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Wizard World Comic Con Philly 2012 Day 2

The second day of Comic Con 2012 was just as good as the first!  The first thing that I got to do when I arrived was watch the Stan Lee panel.  This was amazing!  I had no idea that man is 89 year old.  He is very spry for someone his age.

Stan Lee at his panel with the awesome Clare Kramer

After this panel I met some amazing celebs.  I will admit i was still star struck the second day of celebs.  I got some amazing photos.

Anthony Michael Hall and I…such a sweet man

I met the Buffy Crew!!!! James Marsters, Mark Metcalf, and Amber Benson!!

SPIKE!!!! James Marsters is awesome!



I also met Bruce Campbell and want to the Chris Hemsworth Panel.  The two best parts of my day were getting the new Romeo and Juliet comic from 1821 Comics signed by Stan Lee.  I was not able to talk to him but just to be that close to such a genius was unfathomable.  The second best part was being on the list for the Geek Nation Beta release party later that night.  You can read about that here

There was also some pretty awesome cos-play.

Green Lantern and Cyclops


The Philadelphia Ghostbusters collecting for Autism Speaks!











Check back tomorrow for info and pics from that last day of the Con.

Keep it Reels!!

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Wizard World Philly Comic Con 2012 Day 1

Ok so this year I went to my first comic con. It was AWESOME!!!  I had a really great time. I had no idea what to expect, so I went in with no expectations.  I made sure that I got to see a little bit of everything.

I started off with the Batman and Psychology Panel with Travis Langley and Anthony Michael Hall.  This was super interesting.  More interesting than I thought it was going to be.  I honestly only went to the panel to see Anthony Michael Hall, but was happily rewarded with a very well put together panel.


After this panel my mother got to meet Kai Owen from Torchwood, which made her day.  I was able to meet Dean Cain, James Hong, and Norman Reedus before heading to the Dean Cain Q&A.  Below is me with Norman Reedus (a super nice guy).




After the Dean Cain panel we did some shopping while we waited for the James Marsters Q&A.  This is what I had been waiting for.  He played my favorite character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I just adore him.  He is so super funny and really down to earth!


Also the cos-play was fantastic.  I met a super nice Dark Phoenix.


Check my Facebook page for photos from that day and check back tomorrow for more about Philly Comic Con 2012!

Keep it Reel!

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Clare Kramer and I at the Launch Party

On June 3, 2012 launched their beta site.  This is a site about geek for geeks.  A very awesome site I must say.  On Saturday, June 2, 2012, after day 3 of Philly Comic Con 2012 Clare Kramer and the rest of GeekNation hosted a launch party at the Field House Sports Bar in Philly, near Reading Terminal Market.  The great thing about this launch party was that you did not have to be a celeb to get in.  So long as you were attending the Con you go to the launch party.  What made it even better was that, as long as you RSVP’d on Facebook for the event you were added to the VIP list.  Which of course I did and was admitted first.  I had my picture taken on the “Red Carpet” which I hope will be shown on the site.  I spent the evening hobnobbing with celebs, as you can see from the above picture!  The people were so great at the launch party, we even got some free swag in the form of comics.  Charlie O’Connell, Mark Metcalf, and many others were also in attendance.  It was an all out star studded event and an all around great time!

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