Wizard World Comic Con Philly 2012 Day 2

The second day of Comic Con 2012 was just as good as the first!  The first thing that I got to do when I arrived was watch the Stan Lee panel.  This was amazing!  I had no idea that man is 89 year old.  He is very spry for someone his age.

Stan Lee at his panel with the awesome Clare Kramer

After this panel I met some amazing celebs.  I will admit i was still star struck the second day of celebs.  I got some amazing photos.

Anthony Michael Hall and I…such a sweet man

I met the Buffy Crew!!!! James Marsters, Mark Metcalf, and Amber Benson!!

SPIKE!!!! James Marsters is awesome!



I also met Bruce Campbell and want to the Chris Hemsworth Panel.  The two best parts of my day were getting the new Romeo and Juliet comic from 1821 Comics signed by Stan Lee.  I was not able to talk to him but just to be that close to such a genius was unfathomable.  The second best part was being on the list for the Geek Nation Beta release party later that night.  You can read about that here https://cinemareels.wordpress.com/2012/06/03/geeknation-com-launch-party/.

There was also some pretty awesome cos-play.

Green Lantern and Cyclops


The Philadelphia Ghostbusters collecting for Autism Speaks!











Check back tomorrow for info and pics from that last day of the Con.

Keep it Reels!!

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