The Heirs are coming!!

Are we in for a treat or what? And I do mean treat!! We are about to go fan girl crazy, with all the “Wahhhh”, “Ahhhh” and “Omo” we can scream!! Coming soon from SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) in October 2013 is 왕관을 쓰려는 자, 그 무게를 견뎌라 – 상속자들 (Wang-gwan-eul Sseu-ryeo-neun Ja, Geu Moo-gae-reul Gyun-dyeo-ra – Sangsokjadeu)…Literal translation: “He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight – The Heirs”. The Heirs is a new fall drama starring Lee Min Ho in the leading male role of Kim Tan and Park Shi Hye as the leading female, Cha Eun-sang. Based on what I have read on the internet, Lee will be playing the familiar role of the arrogant rich boy (a role he can play very well as we saw in “Boys Over Flowers”) to Park’s humble housekeeper’s daughter. The Heirs has been described as a “Gossip Girl” style high school setting drama about privileged, upperclass students.

What kdrama would be complete without a love triangle between two haughtly popular rich boys and the underprivileged sweet girl? Well this drama has it. The triangle revolves around Park’s Eun-sang, Lee’s Tan and Kim Woo-bin’s Choi Young-doo. Personally, I hope she ends up with Min Ho because he is just scrumptious.

There is one thing that concerns me. In many kdramas when the characters do end up kissing each other the actresses never kiss back. I understand that it is an image thing but still, you are not kissing them for real, it is called acting for a reason. Recently, some actresses have begun to take their acting more seriously when it comes to the kiss scenes (I will site Miss A’s Suzy in “Gu Family Book” in which she had a kissing scene with the god Lee Seung Gi. I actually felt the passion and love these two characters had for each other when they kissed.) Most of the time when the lovers finally get together it is hard to believe that the girl really likes the guy because there is never any passion in the kiss. Maybe it is because I am American and most Americans have become sexually desensitized but still, it is just a kiss. Make it a little more believeable. So I do hope that if (and when…we can hope) Shin Hye and Min Ho kiss, she will actually kiss him back.

There is a ton of other eye candy in this drama also, so if Lee Min Ho or Kim Woo-bin are not your cup of tea you will have plenty more to choose from, like CNBlue drummer Kang Min-Hyuk or the sexy Choi Jin-hyuk.

I am supremely excited for this drama to begin and am so thankful to who will be English subbing this drama for those of us who have really poor Korean abilities.

See you at school with these lovely people in October!!

Here is the wikipedia link (where I got my info) if you would like to read more about the drama

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