More Duke…Yay or Nay? Spoiler Alert

So it seems that some new reasons for the delay of G.I. Joe: Retaliation have come to light. One rumor is that the makers did not want its release squashed between The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Which I could completely understand considering how badly Darks Shadows did due to Joss Whedon’s blockbuster.  However, it seems that the real reason for the push is for more Channing Tatum. He seems to leave us quite early in the movie and the audience is not to happy about that. So what does Hollywood do, they give the masses what they think will draw in bigger numbers.  Forget the story they want to tell, forget the meaning behind the things that happen.  ‘Audiences want more Duke so we will sell out and give it to them.’ So what I want to know is if they really still kill Duke, like they were going to in 1987 but decided not because audiences said ‘no’.  There is meaning behind the hero dying but most audiences can’t see it or understand it. The just want happy endings.  Everything tied up in a shiny bow.  The bad guy defeated and all the good guys alive, healthy and happy.  But real life doesn’t work that way, heroes die and sometimes the bad guy wins, rewriting a movie wont change that.  So tell the story you want to tell with the message you want understood.  Forget the rest. We as humans will rise from the ashes of the fallen to fight once more.  Or in this case to see the next installment.

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Men in Mediocrity! SPOILER ALERT

I have heard a lot of hype about the new Men in Black III.  I have heard that it is good enough to knock Avengers out of the top spot.  Well maybe if these people are only referring to the tickets sales of MIB’s debut weekend, which is Avengers’ 3rd weekend out.  The plot of MIB III was pretty interesting, with time travel and changing relationships, but it was lacking.  This third  installment was better than the second film but not quite as good as the first. There were a few new plot points in this film that contradicted the first. In the first film, Kay’s ultimate goal was leaving MIB to return to the wife he left behind, the whole reason he recruited Jay – as a replacement, not a partner and not a debt to be fulfilled.  In this film, a relationship is introduced with a character we have never met before.  A relationship that goes back decades, nothing of mention about Kay’s wife and his pain of losing her (an important plot point in movie 1). Also, we find out why Jay was recruited by Kay, as a debt to Jay’s father who was killed saving Kay.  Nothing remotely in the near vicinity of this is even touched upon in the first movie.  I think the new reason for Jay’s recruitment is much better than the original reason.

I enjoyed all the time travel stuff, seeing how the MIB were present and involved in so many things throughout history.  Like Andy Warhol asking for his death to be faked was a nice touch.

The absolute best part of the movie was Mr. Josh Brolin playing a young Mr. Tommy Lee Jones.  This performance was complete perfection.  He had Kay’s nuances down to a science.  He facial expressions, the accent, even the slight intonations when he would call Jay all those different nicknames, and the way they would slightly change as the two became closer.

As for Mr. Will Smith, he was nothing spectacular. He was amusing, and I laughed at all the right places due to his impeccable comedic timing, but I have seen it before.  I was not surprised or overly impressed by Will’s performance.  It was there and then it was gone.

Overall I give this movie  ♦♦♦◊◊

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WTF Paramount!?!?!?!? I want my Joes!!!

Really??? I mean REALLY? !?!?!?!  1 month before G.I. Joe: Retaliation is set to be released Paramount decides to push the movie back.  Not just a month or two…no no no…but an ENTIRE YEAR!  That is right ladies and gents, the new release date for the Joes is March 29, 2013.  The reason for this push back you ask?  To convert the movie to 3D.  It is not even for a good reason.  Reshoots, more in-depth editing and special features, bigger explosions, heck I could even see a push back for less competition from surrounding releases.  But, alas, no!  We are not that fortunate.  The movie is being CONVERTED to 3D, which means it is going to be awful.  Every time a movie is converted to 3D it just doesn’t work, it is campy and cheesy.  The movie usually resembles a pop-up book, just a second level of 2D laid on top of 2D.  It does not actually look like 3D.  This is why I hate 3D!  It is just a gimmick to get more money out the viewer.  Convert a few scenes, add some 3D effects and charge the viewer $5 more.  The majority of the time it adds nothing to the story.  When done correctly like, Avatar, the movie can bring the viewer into it, makes them feel like they are in the movie.  When it is done incorrectly, like with The Last Airbender, the effects look forced, like the production team is trying too hard.  3D looks and works so much better when the film is actually shot in 3D, using the correct equipment. There are just some things that cannot be done in post.  Epic Fail Paramount!! Epic Fail!

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Double the Marvel, Double the fun!

It seems that Marvel desires to release 2, count them 2, Marvel films each year!  We are all set for 2013 with the release of both Iron Man 3 and Thor 2. But what about 2014, so far we have only Captain America 2. Since the next X-men movie will not count (they are 20th Century Fox not Marvel), will it be one of the 2 yet untitled Marvel projects currently in the works? Or will it be the release of Ant-Man, a script currently being worked on by Scott Pilgrim vs The World writer Edgar Wright due to release in 2014? I am hoping for more than 2 per year! Ahhh, a girl can dream!

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It seems to be rumored that Warner Bros. is contemplating a Justice League movie with a 2015 release. Chris Nolan and his wife are set to produce. Could this be Warner Bros.’ way of competing with Disney/Marvel’s Avengers? I think so!!

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The Next Superhuman????

Who do you think it should be????

Scarlett Witch??


Iron Fist??


The Morlocks!?!?!?

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Don’t Leave Us Joss!!!

I have heard some very unsettling rumors.  It is true that Avengers has been confirmed for a second movie.  But there is a chance that Joss Whedon will not be back to direct, he would still be involved in the writing portion.  He has said that he wants to make a smaller, more character driven Avengers movie.  After the hint as to who the next villain is going to be (i won’t ruin it in case you haven’t seen the movie) I do not know how Joss could make the movie small scale.  

I just have to say that I am begging Joss to direct!!!  He did such an epic job with the first Avengers movie that I do not feasibly see how ANY other director could even attempt to do what he did. So let us all cross our fingers and hope against hope that he will do the right thing and say YES!!!!

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Avenging Awesomeness!! (Spoiler Alert)

This review contains s few spoilers!  If you don’t want parts of the movie ruined stop reading!!

You have been warned!!

There is really only one word to describe Joss Whedon’s Avengers!  That word would be EPIC!  I should by stating that I am a fan girl so my review may be slightly biased.  I love all things comic book, video game, fantasy, supernatural and Joss Whedon!  So you can imagine my delight when the news was released that Joss would be directing and involved in the story writing process.  My instant response was “Its about time!”  To this I mean, it is about time the big wigs in Hollywood made the correct choice.  They chose someone who would get it right!  Someone that would be more concerned with the characters and story than with the money that could be made.  Someone that would be concerned with how that fans of the comics would feel about the movie after it was over.  Joss was the exact man for the job.  He knows these characters, almost as well as Stan Lee.  He watched them evolve on the pages as he grew up.  To Hollywood I say, “Bravo!  You have finally made the right decision and I have not lost all my faith in you!”

Tom Hiddleston’s ability to play a crazed lunatic hell-bent on taking over the world yet still kind of like and feel for him was stunning.  Loki is so overwhelmed with his feelings of vengeance and abandonment that he only knows one way to deal. Take over the Earth.  But as the audience you kind of feel bad for the guy as psychotic as he is.

I have heard many people give Mark Ruffalo a hard time about his Hulk portrayal.  But I have to disagree.  I think he was spot on.  Mark’s Hulk was wary, calculated and uneasy.  A man uncomfortable in his own skin.  Which is exactly who I picture him to be, well the Bruce Banner ego anyway. I do agree with some things that I have read about why the two stand alone films did not work.  Entertainment Weekly said it best when they said that he is so big that he is better in small doses.

The chemistry between Robert Downy Jr. and Chris Evans was electric.  I really would like to see the Civil War story line on the big screen to see the two of them duke it out on opposing sides of the issue.  That would be something amazing to see.

They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice but it did this weekend with Chris Hemsworth embodying the Norse God Thor.  Once again he owned the roll.  I will admit that when I first heard he was chosen for the Thor stand alone film I was little nervous.  I thought that Alexander Skarsgard would have been a better choice.  Mainly for the look than anything else.  But we know why they pay the casting people the big bucks.  They made the right choice and it showed again in this film.

Scarlett Johansen once again as the spy, this time accompanied by Jeremy Renner was spectacular.  They both were.  I do have to say that I am happy the previews did not show Hawkeye on the villain side.  It was a well earned surprise.  Both when he is turned and then turned back. I would love to see him with his own movie but I do not think that he is character is “big” enough for his own film.

I think that my favorite part is they was the Joss and the writers showed us Agent Coulson as a fanboy.  Every fanboy and girl in the audience could relate to him.  Relate to his awe of Captain America.  No matter who you are, if you meet your hero you will turn into a geeky, awestruck fanboy. I loved it.  I am sad that he will not be anymore of the films, but I understand why it was done.  The Averngers needed something to get behind.  Something to avenge, to get them started.  But I admit that I cried as if I lost me dog.  RIP Agent Coulson.

Mr. Samuel L. Jackson, there really are no words to describe his awesomeness.  So I will leave it at that.

But I think the thing that held it all together was the levity in the film.  Joss and the other actions did not take themselves too seriously.  They incorporated comedy into it.  WIth quick jabs at each other (Hulk punching Thor), a few slams (Hulk tossing Loki) and a few jokes.

I hope that Hollywood employs the same great minds for the next flick.  Especially with Thanos as new villain!!

This movie was quite possibly THE BEST comic book film EVER.  I would hope that the world would give recognition where it is due and honor Joss in some way.  An award, a pile of money, heck even his very own unicorn.  He deserves it!

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Conan: The Inferior


**<<< Spoiler Alert>>>**


I cannot begin to describe how badly I want the two hours of my life, that I spent watching the remake of Conan: The Barbarian, back.  I had heard that the movie was not the best.  I honestly thought that people didn’t like it because they were being loyal to the original Arnold cult classic. Boy was I wrong.  It really was a bad movie.

The best part of the movie was Leo Howard, playing young Conan.  His portrayal of a battle born, blood thirsty, feral youth was spot on.  He made the audience truly believe that he enjoyed killing.  Ron Perlman as Conan’s father was also thoroughly enjoyable, but who does not enjoy watching Ron Perlman?  He could be in a Levi’s commercial and it would be epic.  He is just that good.  But sadly, that is where the good ends.  The first 15 or 20 minutes is all that is worth watching.  If the movie ended there it would have been awesome.  But it did not.  The audience was forced to sit through bad acting, awful dialogue and an even worse story line.

Jason Mamoa had a lot of potential to play the epic title character; he is well muscled, intimidating and wields a sword with the best of them.  But he fell very short in making me sympathize with his quest.  I was more concerned for his friend, Artus, than I was for Conan.  The delivery of his lines had no “umph” behind them. They came out flat and unmoving.  I also felt no chemistry between him and the damsel in distress, Tamara. My thought was, <Ehh, if they get together great, if not, oh well.> This is good because that is exactly what happens in the end.  He drops her off at her village, they share some awful dialogue (along the lines of; Tamara: Thank you for bringing me home. Conan: Good fortune tomorrow), and he leaves.  I understand that Conan is a wanderer and he cannot be tied down, but come on the writing could have been a little bit better.  Something to make the audience believe the characters had some kind of connection.

The movie was like a train wreck, you know you should look away but you want to see what happens.  Make sure everyone gets out unharmed.  Many things were harmed in the making of this movie. Basically, half way through my viewing of this movie I became one of the robots from MST3K. This was the only way to get through it.

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Fallen: Another book to movie scenario

The trend continues… The book Fallen by Lauren Kate has been optioned by Disney to be brought to the big screen. The story centers around a girl caught in a love triangle between two fallen angels and the battle between them has been going on for centuries.  Hannah Marks is rumored to be playing the female lead Lucinda “Luce” Price.  It also seems that the sexy Liam Hemsworth wants a piece of the Fallen action, as either of the two fallen angels.  This girl is hoping they choose him to be Daniel, if they pick him at all.  But there may be better poissibilites to play the golden haired god…err…angel!  Maybe Kellan Lutz or Steven Strait could play Cam?  That I would love to see!

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